What is the difference between "ללבוש", "להלביש" and "להתלבש"?

Learn how to stop guessing and start speaking with confidence -  

with no question marks!

(or a feeling that there's something wrong with you...)

→ Even if you don't have time / you already tried a million times and you've given up ←


You have studied the different tenses / Binyanim / Shorashim, several times in various forms,

The thoughts of learning it again gives you goosebumps.

After a few attempts, you may wonder if it's even worth it to try again.

You find yourself constantly guessing,

Relying on a limited number of options,

Adding question marks to your statements to ensure that others understand you,

Feeling the need to immediately translate what you say into English

(to confirm that you've been understood correctly).


It can be confusing for you to know when and how to use different verb forms.

Passive verbs, future tense, and uncommon words can be challenging to understand.

And even when you learn a new verb, it's not always clear how to conjugate it correctly.

It can be frustrating and limiting to feel unsure about your language abilities…

Don't let this hold you back!​

Please e-meet our self-taught online course: "The 7 Binyanim"

Great for students who wish to communicate securely,

Understand how things work,

Rely on their knowledge rather than memory,

Stop guessing and choose how to express themselves,

Learn new verbs and understand how and when to use them,

Open their heart and mind to the Hebrew verb system,

Overcome any fears that may have held them back in the past,

Break through this barrier once and for all,

Participate more in conversations,

Have fewer question marks,

Less frustration,



(And maybe even start to love Technical Hebrew...)

?So What's inside

know you enemy

Let's get a clear understanding of what "Binyan" and "Shoresh" mean, and why it's essential to learn them. These concepts are crucial for moving forward in Hebrew and can help us integrate better. 

Structure and music

In each lesson, we will learn the structure and music pattern of verb conjugations, enabling us to automatically conjugate verbs. Examples will be shown in present tense.

?Anything else

Your own time and pace

Learn when, as much, and how you want - the course is open without resriction.

You are not alone!

We are available to all students - always! 

Additional bonuses:

1/1 Lessons

If needed - there is an option to schedule a one-on-one summarizing lesson with a teacher at a discount.

Summarizing Test

Includes a final exam (+ answers).

Original work materials 

The course comes with original work materials that will help internalize and apply the material learned,  including summary quizzes, answer sheets and audio files.


Usual Price



Special Price


(or 2 payments of  94.5 NIS each)

If you feel that it's finally time for you too,
to understand and feel comfortable using Hebrew ⇒
fill out the details and tell us where to send you the course:

So is it really possible to shatter the glass ceiling?

I’ve studied Hebrew at universities and Ulpans both in the U.S. and in Israel. Gili is by far the best teacher I’ve had... She has a wonderful ability to translate Hebrew grammar, verb conjugation, and vocabulary of in a way that is comprehensible to English speaker and is easy to incorporate into our understanding Hebrew.


Gili, both a master teacher and the founder and leader of MEKOme, has a unique teaching methodology that has brought my Hebrew to an entirely new level... She has keen insight into people, understanding the psychology of how to build and strengthen the confidence of her students...

I cannot recommend Mekome Hebrew enough! Gili's philosophy towards learning Hebrew really teaches you how to think in Hebrew, so it's much more than just memorizing words and verbs... After one year in the program I am speaking better than I ever imagined...

I never take it as a given when I meet someone who wants to learn Hebrew; it touches my heart.

Unfortunately, I'm usually saddened to discover what a long, painful path people take to reach the goal -

how much pain and frustration they absorb from their surroundings and from the learning method that

has instilled them with fear and discouragement...

I know that if they would only stop to learn how to understand the method -- they would blossom...

...they would be able to speak the language and maybe even fall in love...


I believe that the problem lies not with the learner.

but with the ways others have tried to teach the learner.

My mission is to help learners overcome thier "Hebrew trauma" and try a new path.

When my students succeed in breaking through thier "Hebrew glass ceiling", it affects not only their

ability to use Hebrew, but all other areas of their life.


Who is the product suited for?

The product is suited for anyone who is familiar with basic work with verbs, from a basic Hebrew level to an

advanced+ level.

Can this program suit me if I'm not technologically oriented?

Yes, definitely. The course is very intuitive and not a single one of our students up to now has had a problem

with its technological operation. And even if there is a problem -- we're always here to help in the case of a

technical issue.

How much time do I need to invest in this course every day? 

As much as you want. Advance at your own pace and on your own time.

How long do I have the course for?

For an unlimited time.


If you wish to get somewhere -

Decide you’re not staying where you are...


Don't miss the opportunity to strengthen yourselves

To get things in order once and for all

To get thorough reinforcement

And most important: GET CONFIDENCE

I invite you to use the course that will change how you think and help you shatter the glass ceiling:

We haven't met yet?

Great e-meeting you! I am Gili

To me, it's not a given that people choose to learn Hebrew.

To me, it's not a given that Hebrew survived for so many years and has come back to life.

These two things combined have given my work a sense of real mission,

in which I meet and get excited by both people and words.


I am a former lawyer who decided to change her life path and follow her heart.

I started MEKOme in 2020, after years of working with students as a teacher and didactic director at a private ulpan in Tel Aviv.


The word MEKOme has several meanings in Hebrew, including "my place" and "local".

Our students include people from all over the world + local Israelis (new and old).

All our students' goals are exactly expressed by the word "MEKOme" -

the desire to feel a sense of belonging in a place and understand its being and its culture (מקומי = local)

while being able to be ourselves and find our place within it (מקומי = my place).

I'm happy you found us and hope we can help you find yourselves in Hebrew.


נבנה באמצעות מערכת דפי הנחיתה של רב מסר