Do you feel like you've been putting in a lot of time, energy, and money into studying Hebrew,

but no matter what you do, you can't seem to make progress🤔🌟


How many times have you said the following sentences to yourself?:

 "First I'll learn all the rules and then I'll speak"

"I'm always lacking for words"

"When I need to use a word I forget it"

" I'm never sure that I said things right"

"I don't want to make mistakes and sound stupid"

"I will avoid joining a conversation with more than 2 participants"

What if I told you that

the reason our students DON'T feel this way is

because they are identifting and dealing with the

MENTAL BARRIERS that prevented them from progressing?


If you decide to give our method a try, you can:

1. Learn how to recognize your personal obstacles.

2. Understand why these restrictions exist.

3. Learn techniques and methods to overcome these barriers.

4. Discover ways to apply your newfound knowledge in your everyday life.

Please e-meet our self-taught online course:

"Breaking the glass ceiling"

So What's inside?


We will explain why learning a language is different from learning theoretical things =

everyone has to deal with a different problem and in a different way.

Every Hebrew student MUST embrace this crucial psychological principle.

Find the WHAT

We will learn to identify our own personal obstacle - what is preventing us from moving forward.


 Once you'll manage to establish a connection and determine the specific obstacle at hand,

I will provide you with a variety of techniques and strategies to assist you in effectively managing the

obstacle and gradually achieving success in overcoming it.


We will learn how to integrate new methods and thinking patterns into our daily lives.


We will meet additional obstacles that may stand in our way throughout our journey.

We must identify and  address them accordingly, if and when they arise.


Receive tips for motivating yourself understanding that breaking through the glass ceiling is achievable,

and ultimately depends on our efforts and determination.


:You will receive some extra bonuses as well

Online personal

evaluation meeting

Where we can better understand your

Hebrew level, goals, and needs. 


Price: 250 NIS

For you: FREE

Original working materials

The course comes with original work

materials that will help internalize and

apply the material learned.


Price : 125 NIS

For you : FREE

You are not alone!

We are available to all students - always!

free of charge!

for any query!

If you feel that it's finally time for you too,
to understand and feel comfortable using Hebrew ⇒
fill out the details and tell us where to send you the course:


Course + Bonuses: 297 NIS 

99 NIS!

+ Free(!!!) Personal Evaluation Meeting!

If you wish to get somewhere -

Decide you’re not staying where you are...


When does the course begin?

This is a digital course, so you can watch it anytime and anywhere.

Can this program suit me if I'm not technologically oriented?

Yes, definitely. The course is very intuitive and not a single one of our students up to now has had a problem

with its technological operation. Please know that if there is a problem -- we're always here to help in the

case of a technical issue.

How much time do I need to invest in this course every day? 

As much as you want. Advance at your own pace and on your own time.

How long do I have the course for?

For an unlimited time.

How can I contact you?

HERE or at gili@mekome-hebrew.com


Don't miss the opportunity to strengthen yourselves;

Get thorough reinforcement;

Gain confidence;

And most importantly: FIND YOURSELF IN HEBREW

I invite you to use the course that will change how you think

and help you shatter the glass ceiling:

So is it really possible to shatter the glass ceiling?

I’ve studied Hebrew at universities and Ulpans both in the U.S. and in Israel. Gili is by far the best teacher I’ve had... She has a wonderful ability to translate Hebrew grammar, verb conjugation, and vocabulary of in a way that is comprehensible to English speaker and is easy to incorporate into our understanding Hebrew.


Gili, both a master teacher and the founder and leader of MEKOme, has a unique teaching methodology that has brought my Hebrew to an entirely new level... She has keen insight into people, understanding the psychology of how to build and strengthen the confidence of her students...

I cannot recommend Mekome Hebrew enough! Gili's philosophy towards learning Hebrew really teaches you how to think in Hebrew, so it's much more than just memorizing words and verbs... After one year in the program I am speaking better than I ever imagined...

We haven't met yet?

Great e-meeting you! I am Gili

To me, it's not a given that people choose to learn Hebrew.

To me, it's not a given that Hebrew survived for so many years and has

come back to life.

These two things combined have given my work a sense of real mission,

in which I meet and get excited by both people and words.


I am a former lawyer who decided to change her life path and follow her heart.

I started MEKOme in 2020, after years of working with students as a teacher and didactic director at a private ulpan in Tel Aviv.


The word MEKOme has several meanings in Hebrew, including "my place" and "local".

Our students include people from all over the world + local Israelis (new and old).

All our students' goals are exactly expressed by the word "MEKOme" -

the desire to feel a sense of belonging in a place and understand its being and its culture (מקומי = local)

while being able to be ourselves and find our place within it (מקומי = my place).

I'm happy you found us and hope we can help you find yourselves in Hebrew.


נבנה באמצעות מערכת דפי הנחיתה של רב מסר